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Personalized Singing Stuffed Animals

Stuffed Animal + One Song - $29.95

View the stuffed animal collection as you complete your order.

  • FB60056 - Oreo the Panda
  • FB60500 - Honey the Bear
    • FB60405 - Callie the Calico Kitty
    • FB60645 - Mimi the White Kitty
    • FB60425 - Lola the Lab Puppy
    • FB60555 - Smokey the Black Lab
    • FB60755 - Smiley The Dimple Dog
    • FB60351 - Gerry the Giraffe
    • FB60400 - Bounce the Bunny
    • FB60712 - Harry the Heart-Nosed Lion
    • FB60670 - Louie the Snow Leopard


    Follow these steps to ensure that the personalized song you select has the correct spelling and pronunciation of the child's name.
    • Enter child's name.
    • Select pronunciation for the child's name.
    • Identify one song from the songs listed (a sample of each song can be played before you make your decision).
    • When completed, click "Order Now" where you will be redirected to choose your song selected and stuffed animal and complete the order process.